Currency conversion

Can both fiat and crypto assets be sent and stored using this service?

Yes, this service allows for the sending and storing of both fiat and crypto assets.

Is it possible to transfer crypto-to-fiat instantly using this service?

Yes, it is possible to transfer crypto-to-fiat instantly or to store it securely through our service.

What is the process for converting the cryptocurrencies I receive into BTC using XGateway?

Our service provides you an option to conduct crypto-crypto exchange. What are the available methods for converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency through XGateway?

We currently support deposits and withdrawals for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). In the future we plan to support a number of other cryptocurrencies, and conversion to fiat.

Which specific fiat currencies does XGateway support for conversions?

The currencies we support are EUR and USD, and other currencies can be arranged upon request.

What are the fees associated with cryptocurrency-to-fiat currency conversions processed by XGateway?

For more information please visit Fees page on our website:

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